Florida Lotto Vending Machines Return

You know what is just the worst? When you're at a gas station and want to buy a Diet Coke and a Cheerios Milk & Cereal Bar, but the guy in front of you decides to get $50 in scratch-off tickets. Which inevitably takes forever. Seriously, it is the worst. 

"No! I said I wanted ten Pink Panthers and five Mustang Moneys. Go ahead and throw in three of those Diamond Dazzlers too. Wait, actually make that four Wild Cherries." 

Well, good news. The Florida Lottery is bringing back vending machines. Florida had the vending machines about a decade ago but realized most of them were actually losing money, so Jeb Bush canned the idea. 

This time around, they've locked in a cheaper price to rent improved, more advanced units and will be placing them in grocery stores. All in all, there will be 1,000 machines throughout the state, the first of which will pop up in mid-August, with the rest being installed by November. 

Officials hope this time around the machines will increase lottery revenue by as much as $14 million. Because, you know, vending machines will save the economy

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