Florida Legislature Passes Wine Keg Legalization Bill

Florida lawmakers don't want you to relax with a hit off your bong, but apparently they don't mind you winding down with wine. Lots and lots of wine. For the first time ever wine kegs will be legalized in Florida, assuming of course Rick Scott signs the bill into law.

The law passed both houses unanimously.

Florida had outlawed the sale of wine unless it was sold in a container that contained one gallon or less. However, that proved to be a bit of a costly pain for restaurants and bars that sell wine by the glass.

The new law would allow the sale of wine in reusable 5.16 gallon containers. Those kegs are equivalent to about 26 bottle of wine or 130 glasses (or 60 glasses if you were pouring it like you do at home).

But before you make plans to buy yourself a keg of Pinot Grigio, rent Bridge Jones' Diary and have your self a weekend, only restaurants and some catering companies would be allowed to buy the kegs.

Damn. We had some really, really classy keggers planed.

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