Florida Keys Woman Known as "Sea Hag" Murdered Man Who Wouldn't Give Her a Beer

Carolyn Dukeshire, a 62-year-old Florida Keys woman known to residents as the "Sea Hag," sits behind bars on charges of first-degree murder after police say she shot a man five times after he refused to give her a beer. The incident occurred last night after the victim, 64-year-old Martin Mazur, has just come home from dinner with a friend.

Mazur and a friend, Casey Whippo, 30, has just returned from a restaurant in Marathon Key, and were sitting outside of Mazur's home in Conch Key, according to WTSP. Dukeshire walked up along the side of the house. Whippo told police that she asked for a beer, and when Mazur refused, Dukeshire took out a gun and shot him five times.

Mazur took bullets to the back, abdomen, and wrist.

Whippo then grabbed Dukeshire, but not before she was able to toss the murder weapon in a nearby canal. He restrained Dukeshire until police showed up.

Mazur was alive when paramedics arrived but was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Dukeshire was arrested and now faces charges of first-degree murder.

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