Florida Dad Puts Pot in 6-Year-Old's Backpack

A kindergarten classroom in St. Petersburg had an interesting yet unplanned show and tell recently after a six-year-old student pulled three ounces of marijuana and a scale from their backpack and proclaimed to the classes' teacher, "Look what I got."

How'd it get there? Apparently the student's father put it in the backpack, and once he realized what he did he rushed back to the school told someone in the front office that he needed it back to "take care of business."

Larry Cornelius Stephens, 25, apparently put the items into the child's backpack before dropping his kid off at school, according to the Tampa Bay Times. The name and gender of the child have not been released.

It took the kid only 10 minutes to find the stash, and the student promptly showed it to the teacher.

Stephens, meanwhile, apparently realized what he had done and rushed back to the Campbell Park Elementary Marine Science Center school. He told someone at the school he needed the pot back so he could "take care of his business and take care of his family." Then he decided to leave the school again, and apparently fled to his attorney after police began looking for himself.

Stephen later turned himself in on charges of child abuse and possession of marijuana with intent to sell. Stephen is no stranger to jail. He has a long list of prior arrests, and was only released from a 19 month stint in jail for selling cocaine 72 days before this arrest.

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