Florida Couple Takes Off With Stolen Beer and a Walmart Manager in Their Pickup

A Florida couple went to the local Walmart to pick up some beer on a five-finger discount, but when they pulled out of the parking lot they had some extra cargo in the back of their pickup truck: a Walmart manager. The couple then drove nearly 15 miles at high speeds with the man in the back of the truck until a Good Samaritan saved the day.

The incident happened in Cape Canaveral yesterday. A man and a woman were taking off with 12 cases of Budweiser and Bud Light from the discount megastore when manager Mike Dawson went outside to write down the license plate of their truck. The truck then backed up right onto Dawson, and he said he had no choice but to either jump in the back or get run over.

The couple then drove with Dawson in the back for 15 miles, at some point driving at speeds around 90 mph.

Dawson tried to attract attention and help by throwing bottles out of the back of the truck but to no avail.

The truck did stop, but Dawson didn't want to get out.

"One time they tried to beat me up, and I fought with them and lost my glasses. The second time was like in the back woods somewhere, and I'm like, 'I'm not getting out for you to run me over,'" he told WESH.

On the third stop Dawson's yells for help attracted the attention of Dave Stewart who just happened to be on his way to a shooting range. He pulled his gun on the couple and Dawson was finally able to get out. Local police are still trying to locate the bandits.

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