Florida Cop Takes to Facebook During Obama Speech and Wonders "Where's Lee Harvey Oswald?"

The Secret Service takes threats on the life of the president pretty seriously. That's kind of their main job. So don't be surprised when you casually mention the assassination of the president on Facebook and then find them knocking on your door. That's what happened to one Florida woman, who probably should have known better considering she is a cop.

Sarah Coursey works as a road patrol officer for the Tavares Police Department up in Lake County.

Last Thursday, about 10 minutes into President Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention, she took to Facebook and wrote, "Where's Lee Harvey Oswald or John Wilkes Booth when you need them!?!? :)"

Oh, a smiley face. Nice touch. It lets everyone know that you're just sitting their smiling thinking about political assassination. Totally normal, sane people stuff to smile about.

According to The Daily Commercial, someone noticed the posting and sent a screenshot of it to Coursey's boss Tavares Police Chief Stoney Lubins. Stoney Lubins then ordered an internal investigation. Coursey meanwhile is on paid administrative leave.

The Secret Service also caught wind, and came down to Tavares to investigate.

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