Florida Bill Would Make it Illegal to Smoke in Cars With Kids Inside

If you've got a baby on board you might want to start throwing your butts out. A Republican legislator from Jacksonville has filed a new bill that would make it illegal for anyone to smoke in their car or truck while a minor is also in the vehicle.

Rep. Charles McBurney filed the bill this week, but there's currently no senate companion. Florida has noticeably few state anti-smoking laws. Though, smoking is prohibited at enclosed work spaces unless the place is a private home or a bar or club.

Though, much like Florida's new anti-texting law, it would be a hard law to enforce. If passed the crime would be a non-moving violations and would be considered a "secondary action,' meaning that a police office could not pull a driver over simply for smoking with a kid in the car. The driver would have to commit another driving violation first, and only then could the officer tack on the extra charge.

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That being said, we do suggest you get in the habit of waiting to light up until after you drop the kids off at soccer practice.

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