Five Reasons Marco Rubio Isn't Ready to Be President

Florida Senator Marco Rubio said yesterday in New Hampshire that he was ready to be president. Problem is the 43-year-old man who would be the first Hispanic big cheese doesn't have the goods. Here are five reasons why:

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5. He opposed the nomination of the nation's top Hispanic jurist pretty much based upon her support for privacy rights -- a Republican issue to be sure. Rubio cited Roe vs. Wade in defending his position -- so it hurts with both groups of potential supporters, And oh yeah, though he opposes abortion, he insists he's "not a chauvinist."

4. He hasn't been around long enough. He said in his speech that a candidate for president probably shouldn't be running for another office. Well, the guy hasn't even finished his first term as Senator. He rose quickly through the Florida House of Representatives to be speaker. And he doesn't know jack about foreign policy. Is this a guy whose finger should be on the button? I mean, he is young as John Kennedy, but doesn't; have the military experience or the Harvard education.

3. He can't even win Florida. A variety of recent polls have Rubio badly trailing Hillary Clinton in the presidential race,. A Qunnipac poll in March, for instance, had him more than 10 points behind. While things change in the long lead-up to election day, he has many more ideological land mines to step on than she does.

2. He is conflicted on immigration. Rubio came up with an immigration plan, but then retreated when it started to fail and the kooks in his party went after it,. "False promises on immigration" is the way the Heritage Foundation described the bipartisan plan that has now been swept under the rug.

1. He's a Nervous Nelly, not movie star cool. Let's get real. The only way a conservative Republican wins the next presidential race is to be cool and like-able as Ronald Reagan was. Rubio's response to the State of the Union last year showed, this guy comes across more like Dick Nixon. Drinking water too much, licking his lips, and touching his face were all anyone could talk about when he responded to Obama last year.

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