Fidel Castro Calls Obama "Stupid"

Miami's largely Republican Cuban exile community and Fidel Castro for once actually agree on something! They all think President Barack Obama is stupid!

Yesterday, Obama said his administration is "open to a new relationship with Cuba if the Cuban government starts taking the proper steps to open up its own country," during an online round table discussion held with Hispanic supporters. Castro ain't having it.

Obama tempered his openness though, by adding, "What we haven't seen is the kind of genuine spirit of transformation inside of Cuba that would justify us eliminating the embargo."

In an essay today published across Cuba's government-controlled media, Castro hit back while heaping on the sarcasm.

"How nice! How clever!," wrote the retired dictator. "Such kindness has not yet allowed [Obama] to understand 50 years of blockade and crimes against our country have not been able to subdue our people. Many things will change in Cuba, but change because of our efforts and despite the United States."

Castro also called Obama "stupid," in the essay which quotes liberally from Hugo Chavez and also heralds the "Cuban 5," a group of Cuban spies currently jailed in America.

"This is how the empire responds to the increasing demand around the world for their freedom," Castro wrote of America's refusal to release the five. "If it weren't so, the empire would cease to be an empire and Obama would cease to be stupid."

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