Fidel Castro Asks, "What Does a Pope Do?" Pope Zings Back About His Age (Video)

In perhaps the most important meeting of octogenarians all year, Fidel Castro and Pope Benedict XVI sat down yesterday in Havana for a brief, 30-minute tête-à-tête. During the meeting, Castro asked Benedict what exactly a pope does, while Benedict made a bit of a zinger about their old age.

"What does a pope do?" Castro, who apparently never took Religion 101, asked Benedict point blank. The pope replied that he goes around the globe spreading the word of Christ, leading the Catholic church. You know, pope stuff.

The two men, who are 84 and 85, with Castro a year older, also talked about their advancing ages.

"I'm old, but I'm still able to do my duties," Benedict said to Castro, who has given up all of his official duties to the state.

Man, I think the pope just landed a zinger.

The pope also talked about the perceived marginalization of religion in society and during his visit seemed to advocate for the Catholic Church having a large part in Cuban life.

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