Fernando Madina, Frontman for Band Reincidentes, Busted at MIA, Held Three Days UPDATED

Fernando Madina, a Spanish rocker, got rowdy at Miami International Airport on his way to play a concert in Quito, Ecuador, and ended up in the clink.

Madina was held for more than three days and then released early Tuesday after paying a $500 fine without charges. According to Cadena Ser, Madina will return to Spain to recoup. Madina was drunk and wasn't allowed to board the plane to Ecuador, where he was to play a youth concert. Then he became confrontational with airline employees and had the smell of liquor on his breath.

Spanish media was in a bit of a panic: Rolling Stone's Spanish-language site even surmised he was being held by the "Obama regime." Guess the prez, who is speaking in South Africa today, isn't as cool as he used to be on the world stage.

After returning to Spain , Madina called Miami police "Mafiosi," said he had only had one beer (and a hot dog) and that he spent the night in a cell with a man who was accused of beating up his boyfriend.

This guys wonders about Obama:

This from a rock critic, in solidarity:

And this from Rolling Stone en Español:

And this is an example of his music. No wonder he got arrested.

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