Fauxbama Challengers Emerge

New Times hasn't caught up with Miami's own Fauxbama, Gerardo Puisseaux, since Tuesday's election results but the Obama impersonator industry is already seeing the influx of a host of new entrants.

Our favorite new Fauxbama comes from a user named AlphaCat on YouTube. Guy has the look and the voice down pat. Check out his debate preparation sketch, or the video above set to T.I.'s "Whatever You Like."

First black prez / Aint that nice. / Im in the highest office thats right! / Now I can do whatever I like / So what Im half black and half white / So what I fist bump with my wife / Man I can do whatever I like/ Man I can do whatever I like

But he's not the only new Fauxbama. Hipster Runoff reported an "ObamaAlt" siting on The Cobra Snake, before sharing dreams of Obama being a uniter, not a divider in the ongoing war between alts and mainstreams.

"I love you, Barry. My world is a better place with you in it. One day, we will write a song together. It will be an epic meaningful banger, with a bunch of samples (kinda like a Crystal Castles song)."

(For what it's worth HRO also espouses what we think are thoughts on this weekend's pile of naked young hipster type ladies that amassed after the Crooker's gig, nsfw).

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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