Father Cutié Steps Down

It seems that compromising photos of a well known Priest weren't a case of mistaken identity. The Associated Press is reporting that Father Alberto Cutié has officially stepped down as head of St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church in Miami Beach. 

Cutié was caught in pictures by a Spanish language tabloid magazine canoodling with a woman on the Beach. Through his television, radio, and column work Cutié put forth a friendly, youthful, and handsome face for the Catholic Church. And more importantly, one that often didn't seek to be divisive or controversial. 

Though, it remains baffling why such a well known and media savvy man of God would so blatantly exhibit such un-priestly behavior in broad daylight. 


Here is Father Cutié's official apology for being a grown man who kissed a lady once in a bar (which I understand is extremely hypocritical, and totally contrary to the whole idea of being a priest, but considering other recent priest scandals...) :


Before God - full of love and mercy - I ask for the forgiveness of those who may be hurt or saddened by my actions. Since I entered the seminary at the age of 18, the priesthood has brought me great joy.  The commitment that I made to serve God will remain intact. I am grateful for the love and support I have received today from so many in our community, especially my parishioners and the supporters of the radio stations who have demonstrated great compassion and understanding toward me as a human being. I ask for your continued prayers and support. 

Father Albert Cutié

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.