Father Cutié Denies Gay Allegations

This week TVyNovelas blasted accusations that Father Alberto Cutié was gay on their cover (we think they're just desperately trying to play catch up with TvNotas, who broke the scandal in the first place). A former Radio Paz co-worker, Jose Linares, claims Cutié walked in on the Priest with a special friend named Leonardo, a slightly younger, chubby Colombian man, while the two were noticeably pants-less. 

Well, unsurprisingly the accusations have been met with denials all around. 

Cutié released a statement calling the accusations "nonsense," and said that he's "always liked women and I doubt that will change."

Weirder still is that this Leonardo fellow actually exists, and his lawyer issued a similar statement: "My client is very disappointed at the painful attempt of Jose Linares to attract attention by inventing false allegations about a homosexual relationship that does not exist between `Leonardo' and Father Cutié." Pardon our rough translation. 

In other Cutié news, the State Attorney's office has met with Maxi Ratunuman, the alleged ex-lover of Mrs. Cutié, who claims the former Priest conspired to have him arrested. Previously it was only a civil matter, but the involvement of the State Attorney's office could could lead to criminal charges. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.