Father Cutié and Wife Welcome a Baby Girl

Who knew that what started out as a paparazzi and tabloid driving scandal would end up as such a happily-ever-after fairy tale? I mean really, how Hollywood has not turned the Father Cutié story into a movie yet is beyond me, but like all great tales, the ending to this one just got happier. Father Alberto Cutié and wife Ruhama Buni Cutié welcomed a baby girl, Camila Victoria Cutié into the world on Tuesday.

Cutie was the well known Catholic priest whose appearances in both English and Spanish media and books on relationship advice earned him the nickname "Father Oprah," though the vows of celibacy taken by Catholic priests meant he couldn't take his own advice. Or so we thought.

A Spanish-language tabloid published photos of Cutié and his now-wife kissing on a Florida beach. A media carnival followed, but soon gave way to Cutié leaving the Catholic church for the Episcopal church and marrying Ruhama.

According to The Herald, she gave birth on Tuesday. It's her second child and Cutié's first.

"There is great joy in being a Father, who is also a `father.' We are truly blessed!" Cutié wrote in an email.

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Kyle Munzenrieder