Ex-NFL Star Darren Sharper Under Investigation for Sexual Assault in Miami Beach

Former NFL player Darren Sharper currently faces two separate counts of drugging and raping women in Los Angeles. Police are also investigating similar claims in New Orleans, Arizona and Nevada.

Now, Local 10 has uncovered two instances in which Sharper was accused of sexual assault in Miami Beach. One happened in 2011, while another report was filed just last month and is still under investigation.

According to the station, Miami Beach Police confirmed that a report of sexual assault involving Sharper was filed on January 19th. Though, because it is in an open investigation the department has not released any further information.

The station does have more details on the 2011 accusation. A woman claims she met Sharper and some of his friends at Mansion, the South Beach night club. They invited her back to an apartment, and the woman and of her friends agreed. She fell asleep on the couch with a friend, but woke up to find Sharper and one his friend whipping their genitals out. She asked the men to leave her alone and fell back asleep. She awoke again to find one of the men lifting her dress, but fell asleep once again.

The next time she woke up she noticed her underwear had been removed. Her friend discovered the same thing.

The women filed a police report and went to the Jackson Rape Treatment Center. Doctors claimed they could not find any evidence of sexual assault.

"There's not much you can do, it's sad," the woman told the station. "And you just have to learn from the experience and I definitely have my guard up, I definitely don't trust people the way I used to. It's really an eye-opening experience to see what kind of people are in this world."

The women's story is chillingly similar to other accusations against Sharper. In other cases he's reported to have met women at nightclubs, often in pairs, and brought them back to an apartment or hotel room. He then allegedly gave the women drugs or alcohol until they blacked out. Victims reported waking up to find Sharper either sexually assaulting them or their friend.

Sharper is set to be arraigned later today in Los Angeles Court on two charges that he drugged and raped two separate women. If convicted he could face more than 30 years in jail.

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