Ex-Mayor Manny Diaz Cuts Ad for Obama, Says Romney is "Exploiting the Suffering" of Cubans

In an election that should be centering around the economy and health care, in Miami-Dade the biggest topic, at least as presented in both campaigns' latest ads, predictably appears to be Cuba. After Mitt Romney took to the airwaves with a Spanish-language ad connecting Barack Obama to the Castros and Hugo Chavez, the Obama camp has pulled a counter push by enlisting former Mayor of Miami Manny Diaz to star in its latest bilingual ad.

Here's the translation from Naked Politics:

DIAZ: Have you seen the latest Mitt Romney ad exploiting the suffering of our people? We're tired of the same old, same old. President Obama doesn't want to mislead us with demagoguery. He's looking for the same thing we want:

OBAMA (in English): We'll continue to seek ways to increase the independence of the Cuban people, who I believe are entitled to the same freedom and liberty as everyone else.

DIAZ: And he'll continue working seriously, with us, for a free and democratic Cuba. Of that, there is no doubt.

OBAMA: I'm Barack Obama and I approve this message.

Diaz has been relatively quiet this election season but is no stranger to becoming a local surrogate for Democratic candidates. Back in 2008, he originally supported Hillary Clinton before throwing his support behind Obama in the general election. He even snagged a speaking spot at that year's DNC.

Riptide's favorite part of this ad is clearly when it jumps from color to full on black-and-white and Diaz gives you a sinister "SMH of death."

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