Everyone Agrees: Crist Blew It For McCain

We don't know if you've heard the hushed gossip, but Gov. Charlie Crist has a secret love. His fellow Republicans are fine with it, just as long as he keeps it in some closet in the Governors mansion and doesn't prance around the State flaunting it like a damn fool. His lover's name: Democracy. Well whoops, Crist let democracy out of the closet yesterday, and Republicans are pissed.

So, with out further ado here's your "The GOP wants to scalp Charlie and have Sarah Palin wear his premature grayed hair as a broach on her $150,000 jacket and liberals couldn't be happier about it" roundup (with one notable exception, who thinks this is good for the GOP).

From Ben Smith' Blog on Politico: "'He just blew Florida for John McCain,' one plugged in Florida Republican just told me."

From Wonkette: "Charlie Crist endorsed John McCain for president so that John McCain could win the Florida Republican primary. Charlie Crist got engaged, out of love, and so that if he became John McCain’s VP and McCain died in office President Crist would not be the first bachelor president since James Buchanan. Charlie Crist did all these nice things for John McCain, but now McCain is fucking up everything, so Charlie Crist has put a FORK IN HIM."

From HuffPo: "Obama Camp Giddy Over Early Voting Extension In Florida"

From Joe. My. God.: "Florida Gov. Charlie "Closet Case" Crist must be really pissed that he went through all the trouble of getting engaged to a Vajayjay-American, only to not get picked as McCain's VP."

From Talking Points Memo: "So this extension, which Crist did in consultation with other local officials, is certainly no favor to McCain from Crist, who's reportedly been at odds with the McCain campaign for various reasons."

From The Buzz: "One theory we've heard about Gov. Charlie Crist's call to extend early voting hours, a move likely to help Democrats: He sees Florida as a lost cause for McCain and wanted to shine up his bi-partisan image with an eye toward 2010."

From Daily Kos: "Charlie Crist Just Ensured That McCain Will Lose Florida!"

But Discourse.net remains cynical: "What are you afraid of? The biggest thing on your mind is that the GOP vote is going to stay home. You’re worried they’re going to stay home because they never liked John McCain anyway. You’re worried they’re going to stay home because they think Sarah Palin is unfit to command. You’re worried they’re going to stay home because the polls suggest that the state and the nation are lost. And, to top it off, you’re worried they’re going to stay home because with all this baggage weighing the ticket down, a measurable fraction of the GOP vote is going to stay home because it doesn’t want to stand in line for three hours. (Anecdotal evidence suggests, that the average Obama voter is more energized about the ticket than the average GOP voter, so the long lines just make matters worse.)"

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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