Even People Who Pay For Bottle Service Have Feelings

On one hand we have a certain disdain for Arthur Kade's type, the self-styled playboys with finance jobs. On the other hand, we realize they play an important part in our local economy -- just one of their frequent trips to South Beach can pump thousands into the local economy on a single weekend. Bottle service and Fontainebleau suites ain't cheap.

We were taken aback today when Gawker pointed us to the over-sharey blog of Kade, and it made us realize these types are more than just wallets attached to douches to criticize. For the past decade Kade has run a professional finance company in Philly, never went more than two consecutive weeks with out sex, and lived a jet set lifestyle, but one day, while sitting at the Shore Club, he realized this wasn't enough for him and set out to live his dreams of modeling and acting.

It made us realize these twats are people. They have feeling, hopes, dreams, insecurities and problems just like the rest of us. It was humbling, and while reading his blog, here's what we've learned:

Their current lifestyles leave them unfulfilled:
"I have felt very bored for years now, and have looked at other avenues

to help soothe the feeling; girls, partying, traveling, spending money,

etc.. When we were sitting by the Shore Club pool, she told me that I

should forget what everyone wants and expects out of me, and chase what

makes me passionate and happy. I told her I love to act and entertain,

and her quote was "GO FOR IT"."

They yearn for romantic intimacy (10's only, please): "As we were talking, I geared up the courage to tell them I am in the longest drought of my sexual career ... I am constantly in the hottest clubs or venues (Set,

Louis, LIV,  1Oak, G Lounge..etc..) in whatever city I'm in, and yet I

am not making it happen ...I also feel that when I'm out in a social setting, the

girls that I'm not super attracted to (6's and 7's), the ones I used to

find when I needed something casual with no strings attached (quick

hits), are not appealing to me anymore."

Just like us, they can't seem to find enough hours in the day:
"I just got a call from the casting people for Gossip Girl again hoping

I could do Monday, but it's impossible because I have a couple more

weeks of winding down the practice, and then it's full force in NYC,

Miami and LA."

They love their friends, especially if they have a place to stay on SoBe: "Miami Mark-good friend in Miami, who I stay

with when I go down there. Recently ended his marriage, and is now

enjoying his single life at the beach with beautiful women and great

music. An overall genuine person, who I feel comfortable with, and who

allowed me to stay with him after not seeing me for at least a decade.

Good people..."

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Kyle Munzenrieder