Ethics Commission on David Rivera's Shenanigans: "We're Over It"

It's not been a good week for troubled ex-congressman David Rivera. First, a former confidant was sentenced to a slap on the wrist for her role in running a puppet primary candidate against Rivera's political rival Joe Garcia, with everyone suspecting that when he's eventually charged he'll take the blunt of the blame (and punishment).

Now the Florida Commission on Ethics, which is handling an entirely different and unrelated set of allegations against Rivera, has basically said they've had enough of him.

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Rivera is still facing allegations of misconduct that go back to his time in the Florida State House where he served from 2003 to 2011, before spending a single term in the U.S. House. He's alleged to have not properly disclosed his income and had travel reimbursed that had already been paid for through campaign money.

The ethics investigation has dragged on for roughly two years now. Three of the lawyers representing Rivera quit over the summer, and Rivera only got around to hiring a new one yesterday. According to Naked Politics, that lawyer quickly filed a motion to have the case delayed but didn't show up in time to appear before the commission.

So the commission voted against the delay, and suggested that the case be sent to administrative law judge David Watkins.

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Rivera's lawyer showed up 30 minutes later and complained that the commission had voted on Rivera's request out-of-order. He twice tried to have the commission reconsider and they were all just like, "Nah." Rivera himself showed up and tried to plead with the board, but they just weren't having any of it.

"Denying this sends a message that we're over it," ethics board member Matthew Carlucci told the Miami Herald. Another said, "It's insulting how this has happened."

So now justice may finally be served for Rivera's ethical slips in the state house, and most expect the other shoe to drop in the puppet campaign case soon.

Many have been amazed that Rivera has been able to escape serious punishment throughout his political career, but those days could soon be over.

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