ESPN Touts LeBron James-Blake Griffin Trade Fantasy

So how would you feel about losing LeBron James if it meant getting rising star Blake Griffin in return? ESPN wants you to think about it.

Because they're going to run the LeBron free agency story into the ground almost as severely as everything Tim Tebow, ESPN's website is running a story today about a LeBron-to-the-Clippers scenario.

"The logical and gut read is, five months from now, James will have recommitted to staying in Miami, either by not opting out of his contract or re-signing long term," read the article. "But..."

But what? What possible scenario you're pulling out of some anonymous source quotes are you trying to troll us with?

"But as James and the Heat visit the Los Angeles Clippers on this Feb. 5, the lessons from the past are a reminder to be careful making assumptions at midseason. Especially when it comes to James."

"This time is going to be different," adds 'a source close to James'. "If LeBron decides to look at other options, it won't just be teams with cap space. He has 30 options if he wants them."

Which gives them enough room to run with the scenario of James heading to the Clippers even though they don't have cap space. Unnamed "league executives" say that in this scenario the Heat would ask for Griffin in return. No context is given if the executives actually think this could happen, or if they're just running with this ESPN imagine scenario.

Basically this is a story in which Brian Windhorst and Ramona Shelburne decided to wonder, "Hey, what if LeBron went to the Clippers?" Then they found some anonymous sources to comment on the idea, but not a single person to say "Yeah, I actually think that's going to happen."

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