Erik Spoelstra Gave a Pep Talk to the Seattle Seahawks For Some Reason

Traitor! Judas! Backstabber!

Apparently there is no "305 til' I die (or get fired)" clause in Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra's contract, because Spo gave a big pep talk to the Seattle Seahawks. Well, at least the Dolphins won't be playing the Seahawks this season.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, Spoelstra, an Oregon native, gave the talk at the request of Seahawks coach Pete Carroll last week.

"For him to be able to talk about how his basketball team was successful and the way that they went about their business in terms of sacrificing . . . just that whole idea of sacrificing everything, the players, LeBron [James] coming to Miami, and Dwyane Wade sacrificing all that, all that type of sacrifice that it takes to be great and to be great so often, is kind of what he talked about for the most part," Seahawks QB Russell Wilson said of the talk. "And having that discipline, as well, too, is something that he talked about, and just working hard, continuing to work hard, continuing to believe in yourselves and ignore the noise."

So Spoelstra's secret formula to winning is ... get LeBron James to sacrifice a little bit of his paycheck?

Which is actually a pretty good roadmap to winning if you happen to be playing basketball and have LeBron James on your team.

Not sure how exactly that transfers to football, but, you know, inspiration!

OK, actually we probably shouldn't be too bummed Spoelstra didn't bother saying the word "sacrifice" 20 times to the Miami Dolphins.

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