Enrique Iglesias Will Water-Ski Naked in Biscayne Bay Thanks to Spain's World Cup Win

For those of you still mourning the loss of Jezebel's daily roundup of World Cup "thighlights" and are beginning to tire of your recurring fantasies of Fernando Torres, the world's biggest sporting event seems to be the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to shameless male objectification. Occasionally relevant singer Enrique Iglesias quipped he'd water-ski in Biscayne Bay if Spain won the World Cup, and apparently he vows to make good on the promise. 

"If Spain [wins], I'm going to get drunk and ski naked in Biscayne Bay. That is what we used to do when we were kids," Iglesias told the BBC in June.

Of course, Iglesias has a brand-new album to market and quickly compared his songs to the thrill of winning the World Cup: "The title is about when you try to find those euphoric moments, like when you feel really really good about a song... I feel like I was able to find four or five of those on this album, which I feel happy about." 


Anyway, Access Hollywood asked Iglesias if he still planned on water-skiing naked, and he told the show, "A bet is a bet!"

The show also offered this:

The singer's rep did not offer details on when Enrique's nude Biscayne Bay adventure will happen, but the singer's fans- - and paparazzi -- near the Miami area might want to keep their eyes open for the "Bailamos" singer in the buff!

If he's worried about modesty, we suggest he keep with World Cup 2010 spirit and fashion a makeshift man-thong out of a replica of Paul the Octopus.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.