Enrique Iglesias Water-Skied Naked in Biscayne Bay

Well, ladies and gentlemen, you missed your chance to see with your own two eyes Enrique Iglesias letting it all hang out on water skis. The star, whom we just interviewed in our latest print issue, promised the BBC in June that if Spain won the World Cup, he'd go naked skiing in Biscayne Bay. Well, according to TMZ, he lived up to the promise, and there's video.

"If Spain [wins], I'm going to get drunk and ski naked in Biscayne Bay. That is what we used to do when we were kids," Iglesias promised. Traffic-hungry tabloid blogs held him to his promise, even if local police warned him not to pull off the stunt.

So in order to avoid paparazzi and the po-po, Iglesias went skiing au naturel one late-July night near his Miami home.


Sources close to Iglesias... and his situation... tell us Enrique did the naked run just a few days ago... "at the end of July"... telling us the singer wanted to do it because, "A bet is a bet."

Enrique's people wouldn't officially confirm the skinny ski trip... but they did tell us, "We do not manage Enrique's personal time schedule, but we do know he was in Miami the last week of July."

There is, somehow, very blurry video that will probably leave you more motion-sick than titillated. You'll have to view it on TMZ, though.

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