Early Voting Poll Might Show a Sea Change in Miami Electorate

An exit poll of early voters in Miami-Dade shows that 61 percent voted for Obama, to only 31 percent for McCain, according to Alternet. Matt Drudge reminded us all today that exit polling tends to favor Democrats, but the breakdowns seem about right. 69 percent of Cuban-born voters went to McCain, while 80 percent of Venuzulain-born voters and 70 percent of Nicaraguans cast their ballot for the Republican candidate, as well. Overall, 55 percent of Latinos went for McCain, while 47 percent voted for Obama.

But the poll shows that as the population changes, Miami's Latino population is likely to become more Democratic. 72 percent of U.S.-born Latinos and 70 percent born in other Latin American countries backed Obama.

Alternet also suggests that young Cubans are more likely to vote democratic than their parents and grandparents. Overall in the county, 72 percent of voters under 30 voted Obama, while 64 percent of those age 65 and over voted McCain.

According to pollster Sergio Bendixen:

"People are talking about how the sons and daughters of exiles would vote, and they thought they would be more liberal. But this is first time there has been enough of a sample of Cuban-Americans born in the United States. And it shows them overwhelmingly becoming Democratic. That is the future of Miami's Hispanic community."

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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