Dwyane Wade's Dad Ejected From Bulls Game For Dirty Mouth

Apparently LeBron James isn't the only Heat star with a sometimes embarrassing parent. Dwyane Wade's father, Dwyane Wade Sr., was ejected from the United Arena last night during the Bulls-Heat game, reportedly for yelling obscenities. Jeez, what a big fucking bag of dicks. Updated

Wade Jr. is a motherfucking native of Chicago's God damned southern suburbs and was fucking raised by his dad in right there in some shitty town called Robbins, Ill. Obviously his fucking family often shows up when the Heat travel to the shit-stained United Center.

ESPN sources say that Wade Sr. was fucking escorted out by a bunch of bitches after he refused to comply with a shitty request to keep his asshole language more fucking family friendly. The United Center's cocksucking website states that, "Our family atmosphere prohibits foul or abusive language, and any violation of these policies may result in ejection."

CBS Chicago has photos of the incident.

It's a shame Wade Sr. didn't get to stay. Yeah, the Heat had an embarrassing loss to a Derrick Rose-less Bulls, but Wade Jr. had nothing to be ashamed about. He scored 36 motherfucking points, more than any other bastard in the fucking game.

Meanwhile, apparently this cum guzzler in a "FUK LBJ" shirt was allowed to stay. That's not very fucking family friendly if you ask us.

Update: Wade Jr.'s step brother, Demetris McDaniel, says that he believes the early exit wasn't forced, but that Wade Sr. was actually feeling ill.

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