Wade Winning Another Title Would Be Greatest Story in South Florida Sports History
George Martinez

Wade Winning Another Title Would Be Greatest Story in South Florida Sports History

Do you want to talk about dreaming big? Imagine Dwyane Wade hoisting his fourth championship trophy above his head in June. Imagine sticking the landing and sending off the greatest athlete in South Florida sports history in the most amazing way.

Imagine, for a minute, that Wade and the Miami Heat fire on all cylinders at just the right time and win the NBA championship this season. Imagine telling the story in 20 years about how Wade began the season playing with LeBron James in Cleveland and ended it riding on a double-decker bus in a downtown Miami parade. Imagine Wade and the Heat beating LeBron in the first round on the way there.

It's almost too much to even imagine. But that's exactly why it would be the greatest sports story in South Florida sports history if the Heat pulled off the miracle. Really, there wouldn't be a close second.

Yes, it's tough to picture this scenario happening. But let go of your skepticism for just a minute and think of how much fun it would be to watch the Heat pull off one of the most improbable runs in NBA playoffs history.

Watching Wade throw the basketball into the rafters as time expired in a finals-clinching win against the Houston Rockets or Golden State Warriors would be unlike anything South Florida has ever seen. People would take vacations. Stores would close for a week to celebrate. Children would be conceived in the aftermath. Roads would be renamed. Dade County just might permanently be renamed "Wade County."

OK, is it probable that the Heat will win their fourth championship in June? Don't put your rent money on it. But it could happen! This squad has proven it can play with just about any team in the East any given night. The Heat is as deep or deeper than any other team in the conference. There isn't one player Miami relies on every night. But any player in the rotation is capable of scoring 25 points.

Erik Spoelstra is by far the most playoff-tested coach in the East and a step above his competition when it comes to in-game adjustments, especially in a seven-game series. If it comes down to coaching and having the better-prepared team, the Heat can absolutely make it to the NBA Finals this year.

And home-court advantage might not be such an amazing bonus on a Tuesday in October, but come the playoffs, you can be sure some veteran players will have the ghosts of Heat past in their heads. When "Seven Nation Army" plays and the arena is full of "White Hot" T-shirt-wearing crazies bouncing up and down, the Heat will feel the added energy and the opponents will remember what has happened in American Airlines Arena in the past, regardless of who is suited up on the court this year.

Wade could be an NBA champion for the fourth time come June. He and the Heat will have the chance to make the seemingly impossible a reality. If it happens, it will be the greatest moment in South Florida sports history.

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