Dwyane Wade Heard What We Said About His Acting Ability

On Tuesday, we sized up Dwyane Wade's acting ability based on his latest commercial for Gatorade's G Series. Well, Men's Health saw the post and happened to have Wade swoop by their offices yesterday. Apparently, they think we said LeBron James is a better actor than Wade (which is not exactly what we said), but they did have some fun with MV3 and asked him to rank other NBA greats' acting ability.

"The folks at the Miami New Times had some fightin' words: New teammate LeBron James is a better actor, they said. As proof, they offered his Nike commercial in the pool," wrote Men's Health.

We did say LeBron's Nike commercial was a better ad, but we also said, "Wade does his job well, and it's not his fault the ad men couldn't come up with a more clever commercial."

Relations between New Times and the Heat are at an all-time low. They won't even let us interview Banana Man. So just to be clear: Wade, we think you're a promising improvisational actor. Maybe when you're home in Chicago, you can take some lessons at the famed Second City. We see SNL hosting gigs in your future.

"There's a difference," Wade told MH about the differences between his commercial and LeBron's. "Mine was just raw [footage]."

The magazine went on to ask Wade his picks for best NBA commercial actors of all time. Here they are:

3. Charles Barkley, who starred with Wade in a T-Mobile commercial).

2. Larry Johnson for his inspired performance as Granda Ma.

1. Michael Jordan, of course.

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Kyle Munzenrieder