Dwyane Wade Gets in Twitter/Instagram Beef With Kevin Durant

Earlier this week, Sports Illustrated unveiled their list of the best basketball players heading into the 2013-14 season. LeBron James was first, naturally. Though, Dwyane Wade's spot at eight didn't sit too well with the Oklahoma Thunder's Kevin Durant, who himself took the number two spot.

Durant suggested that his former teammate James Harden should be in the top 10 instead, which Wade did not appreciate.

Durant was asked about the list by CineSports.

"I think you're missing James Harden," Durant said.

When asked who should be bumped out of the top ten to make room for Hard, Durant replied, "Wade."

Harden is ranked 11th by SI, and Durant might have a bit of a point. Harden's stats last year were comparable to Wade's. Harden had slightly more points and assists per game, but Wade topped him in steals, rebounds, and field goal efficiency. But SI took into account the fact Wade was playing alongside LeBron James, and Harden was playing alongside, well, the Houston Rockets.

Wade didn't take Durant's comments too kindly, and posted a message for Durant on Instagram.

Durant received the message loud and clear and responded on Twitter.

Um, but don't you remember the 2012 Finals, Durant? He already did.

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