Dwyane Wade Demands Ex-Wife Go Under Psychiatric Evaluation

Dwyane Wade's heated divorce battle with ex-wife Siohvaughn may have come to an end earlier this year, but the two continue to battle it out in an equally contentious custody battle. Today Wade's lawyer filed a motion in a Chicago court demanding that Siohvaughn go under a psychiatric evaluation, claiming that she is mentally unstable.

The report comes from Chicago's ABC 7 who offer few details, but Wade's lawyers have made continuous claims through out the divorce and custody battle that Siohvaughn is mentally unstable. Though, this is the first time they're asking the court to place her under the care of a psychiatrist to prove it.

Last March, Wade's lawyers filed papers asking for sole custody of the couple's two young boys, claiming that Siohvaughn, "has made it evident that she is unstable, dishonest, unbalanced, unwilling to accept responsibility for her actions, not of good character, and therefore, unfit to be a custodial parent."

Wade's attorney have also claimed that Siohvaughn, "alternative avenues of worship that are completely outside of the status quo."

"It is regrettable that this father now chooses to use mental health and religion as another means to battle and abuse the mother," Siohvaughn's attorney's told the AP at the time.

In May, Siohvaughn was forced to turn herself into the police after a warrant was issued for her arrest following her failure to attend a mandatory hearing.

For her part, SIohvaugn has claimed at various times that Wade abused her, is an absentee father, and even filed a lawsuit against Wade's current girlfriend, actress Gabrielle Union, claiming that the two engaged in sexual foreplay in front of the children.

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Kyle Munzenrieder