Dwayne Johnson Has a Message for the Hurricanes and a Strange Beard

Given Virginia Tech's failure against Boise State last night, we guess it's up to the Hurricanes to defend the honor of the ACC against a Top 5 opponent next week at Ohio State. We'll probably go through the rest of the week with nervous optimism, but it's nice to see that Dwayne "formerly the Rock" Johnson is characteristically confident that the Canes will kick some Buckeye ass next week.

"To all you Buckeyes out there, I hope you border your doors, border your windows, cuz you gotta all-day-long, pack-your-lunch, sweater-vest-up an ass-kicking, Hurricanes style," Johnson says in a video message. We are not really sure what that means, but we'll take it.

Unfortunately, he doesn't tell the Buckeyes to "hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband too," but he does add, "If you don't understand what I'm saying, don't try to understand -- it's a Cane thing. You simply wouldn't understand. Go Canes."

Does that mean we aren't true Canes? Because we are not really sure what "sweater-vest-up an ass-kicking" means. OSU coach Jim Tressel loves sweater vests, though. Oh well, you can watch the video here.

As for Johnson's strange beard, apparently its for his role in the upcoming Fast and Furious 5.

He isn't the only big star to weigh in on the OSU-Miami game. LeBron James hinted at making an appearance while rooting for the Buckeyes. He also complimented FSU on his Twitter feed this past weekend. Is this guy just trying to piss off Canes fans?

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Kyle Munzenrieder