Drunk Tow Boat Captain Ends Up Towing Boat in Circles Until His Boat Runs Out of Fuel

The only thing worse than your boat breaking down 25 miles offshore is having a drunk man show up to rescue it. It doesn't end well. Just ask Lionel Casey and Lewis Dames of Fort Lauderdale.

Their boat overheated off of Delray Beach Thursday night, so they radioed for help. Four hours later, 63-year-old Timothy R. Pooler showed up in his tow boat. Drunk. Really, really drunk. It only got worse from there.

According to The Sun-Sentinel, Pooler managed to hitch the pair's broken boat to his, but then decided to drive his boat around in circles. For hours on end. Just non-stop circles. Sort of like the circles of hell, we suppose.

At the crack of dawn, Pooler asked Casey and Dames to drive the boat, but shortly after it ran out of fuel. The pair then realized that their boat's engine had cooled off enough to start up on its own.

So they decided to start towing Pooler's towboat. For a little bit anyway. Eventually, they decided just to cut him loose.

Of course, their boat eventually broke down again. Finally, another towboat showed up which took the pair to Jupiter, 30 miles from their original starting point. By that time it had been 12 hours since their boat originally broke down.

Pooler was eventually rescued by authorities and then charged with drunk boating.

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