Drunk Florida Man Strips Naked and Tells Police "I Know I am a Monkey"

Daylan Holloman had a bit of species identity confusion this week at a Daytona Beach 7-Eleven. For reasons he couldn't remember, Holloman called 911, and when police showed up, he told them he was a monkey and stripped naked in some sort of attempt to prove his point.

According to The Daytona Beach News-Journal, the 20-year-old Holloman called 911 on early Wednesday morning just after midnight. He kept answering the dispatchers questions with "I don't know." The dispatcher decided to send police over anyway, and he again replied to questions like "Why did you call?" and "Have you consumed drugs or alcohol?" with more "I don't know."

Holloman did eventually remember something however. He told police that his name was "Monkey."

Apparently tired of all the "IDKs" a police officer asked him what he did know.

"I know I am a monkey," he replied.

Holloman then told the officer, "Look at the shirt I have on."

The officer acknowledged the shirt, and pointed out that he couldn't be a monkey because monkeys don't wear clothes, only humans do.

Holloman took this as a challenge. "Oh really?" he replied, and he then began stripping naked in the 7-Eleven. During the primal strip tease, Holloman looked over at the female clerk and smiled.

Holloman was then promptly arrested on charges of indecent exposure. Paramedics were called but determined he did not need medical attention and could not be restrained under the Baker Act. Holloman was then booked into jail. His parents eventually picked him up and posted his $500 bond.

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