Don't You Forget About Meningitis

Swine flu is absolutely terrorizing! I barely want to leave my house! I mean how many people has it killed in this country so far? Zero? Really? From all the news coverage I swear it must have been more than that. Well, come on surely about a million people in Miami have it and are just waiting die? Oh, what's that? There isn't a single reported case in all of Florida. Well, then.

What happened to that rare strain of meningitis that killed four people and left 12 sick in South Florida? Eh, no one is reporting on it anymore. Maybe it stopped killing people.

In the meantime though, public health officials say that South Florida is totally ready to battle swine flu should it actually become a problem.

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In the meantime though, if you do become drastically sick don't get your hopes up that you'll be the first glamorous case of swine flu in Florida. You've probably just got meningitis.

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