Black People Would Rather Keep Their Guns and Not Vote for Democrats

President Donald Trump speaking at the NRA Leadership Forum.
President Donald Trump speaking at the NRA Leadership Forum. White House
click to enlarge President Donald Trump speaking at the NRA Leadership Forum. - WHITE HOUSE
President Donald Trump speaking at the NRA Leadership Forum.
White House
The Democratic Party can’t figure out black voters. The Dems’ messaging isn't resonating in the hood because the party speaks to only a small segment of the African-American population that lives high above the poverty line. The majority, who still live in inner-city neighborhoods, don’t buy into many policies the Democratic Party is selling.

For example, law-abiding blacks with blue-collar jobs are uninterested in attacks on the National Rifle Association and restricting people's right to buy firearms for protection. Some have neighbors who have shot and killed others but never been arrested. Or they may know the house across the street is a dope hole and target for robbers and rival drug dealers. So average, law-abiding African-Americans buy AR-15s to protect their families from the thugs terrorizing the community.

Under the headline "The Age of Trump Is Producing More Black Gun Owners," NBC News reported in 2017 that under this president, African-Americans were procuring guns, while white arms purchases were declining. "Interviews with firearms dealers and gun clubs across the country strongly suggest a sharp rise in the number of African-Americans buying guns since Trump’s election," the network said. "[There's] fear that his election has rekindled old racial flames, emboldening white supremacists and stoking tension between the races."

When Trump talks about all the murders in Chicago, black people across America, including those in Overtown and Liberty City, say, “He has a point.”
And if Trump claims Mexicans are taking black people's jobs, the only African-Americans who would be offended are the bougie doctors, lawyers, and real-estate brokers who live in white, upper-class neighborhoods. The majority would agree with Trump that the Democratic Party hasn’t done anything to uplift black people. So they swallow his lies.

Look at Andrew Gillum, who lost his bid to become the state’s first black governor by a slim margin. He didn’t turn out blacks like many pundits thought he would. Gillum came out swinging at the NRA. He lost the black community right there. If Gillum had come out saying, “We need to restore law and order, and we need to put away all the killers,” black voters could have better related to that.
Instead of promoting policies that help African-Americans become successful entrepreneurs and get them off welfare dependence, the Democratic Party still believes black people want only handouts. Trump is talking to the hood. They are never going to vote for him, but they also won’t turn out for the Democrats. They will sit at home because they don’t have a dog in the fight.

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