Dolphins To Take in Broadway Play Before Jets Game

The Miami Dolphins raised some eyebrows when they announced they'd be landing New York today instead of the usual Saturday arrival for their game this weekend against the Jets. Well, it turns out that owner Stephen Ross arranged the early visit so his team could take in a showing of a Broadway play tonight. How, um, cultured. No, it's not a musical like Chicago or the much-maligned Spider-Man. It at least has something to do with football.

The team will be taking in a performance of Lombardi, a drama about famed Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi, in case you're a little a slow.

The New York Times was lukewarm on the play in its review, but says it "emphasizes the importance of team effort." The play stars Dan Lauria (the dad from The Wonder Years) and Judith Light (Angela from Who's The Boss?). But you don't really care about the staged drama do you? You wanna hear about the real life drama.

Well, the 'Fins are practicing today at the Giants facilities, a move that has Jets fans pissed. So for that alone this all might be worth it.

However, Miami fans aren't happy because the team has had great road success this year. So switching up the normal schedule of an away week might screw things up.

Tony Sparano, at least publicly, seems to be happy with the outing though.

"[Ross] had seen the show, thought it was outstanding and brought it up to me," Sparano tells the AP. "I thought, man, this would be a great idea to get our guys involved in something like this."

"The good news for me is that I get to have my team with me for two days. I enjoy hanging out with my team. They enjoy being around each other. They play well when they're around each other."

We just wish Ross and Sparano were more focused on getting the team a Lombardi trophy as much as their were Lombardi tickets.

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Kyle Munzenrieder