Dolphins' Richie Incognito Allegedly Knocked Out a Security Guard at the Fontainebleau UPDATE: Or Maybe Not

Despite the fact that both the Miami Dolphins and the Fontainebleau hotel have tried to keep the incident out of the headlines, ESPN is reporting that after a night of clubbing at LIV, Dolphins guard Richie Incognito was allegedly involved in a fight with a hotel security guard that left the man unconscious.

Update: It appears ESPN's original version of the story conflicts with Miami Beach PD's version. Incognito might have actually been the victim of the security guard.

The Miami Herald's Adam Beasley got the police report from the MBPD:

Beasley further tweeted that the incident happened the morning of July 10. Beasley goes on to tweet that Incognito suffered bruises and abrasions but refused medical attention. The incident began when Incognito and his crew got too close to the club's stage and were thrown out by bouncers. Incognito was issued a trespassing warning by police.

Original post continues below:

The ESPN report doesn't come with much information. We only know that it happened sometime before training camp, and that a source claims Incognito was allegedly punched first. LIV isn't mentioned by name, but it is the only nightclub currently open at the Miami Beach hotel (and also the site of some LeBron James' mama drama, amongst other celebrity shenanigans).

Though, we do know that both the team and the hotel aren't eager to publicize the incident:

There is videotape of the incident but the hotel is unwilling to turn it over and the NFL has not yet seen it -- and might not due to fact that it is the hotel's property and the Fountainbleu prefers that attention not be brought to the issue.

The Dolphins have been aware of the incident because, as one source said, "they've done everything to bury it."

Incognito has not been punished yet for the incident, but that could change now that it has become public knowledge. Incognito is the star of the Fin's O-Line and is coming off of his first Pro Bowl season.

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