Dolphins Release Gigapan of Chiefs Game So You Can See Every Miserable Face in Sun Life

The NFL has been slowly rolling out a cool new feature this season. At select games, a specially assigned photographer with custom gear takes hundreds of ultra-high resolution photos and then stitches them together into a panorama called a "gigapan." The idea is that fans can later zoom into their section and find themselves and their friends at the game, hopefully not at the exact moment they vomit into the stairwells.

The Dolphins have just released their gigapan. Sadly, they chose to create it at last weekend's game against the Chiefs, a nadir for the once proud franchise that was so bad Fins fans brawled with each other in the upper decks. Now you can see almost every despondent, tortured face unlucky enough to have suffered through the 34-15 shellacking in person.

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The Dolphins gigapan was stitched together by Preston Mack, an Orlando-based freelance photographer, from 288 separate photos during last Sunday's game.

The pics were taken, the Dolphins say, during a 45-minute span in the third quarter, a period when the Chiefs led the way just before socking away the victory in the fourth.

How many sad sacks can you find in the stands? Here's our quick attempt:

All hope is not lost. At least some kids found a way to enjoy the game:

(H/T to Random Pixels)

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