Dolphins Rank Near Bottom of "Most Successful" NFL Franchises for 2009

What makes an NFL team successful? For the coach, players and fans it means winning games. For the owner and front office it also means making lots of money. According to a new analysis from Portfolio.com, your Miami Dolphins ranked near the bottom in both categories in 2009. Of the league's 32 teams, the Dolphins came in 23rd. 

Here are the six factors Portfolio took into account: 

1. Winning percentage in regular season (20 percent)

2. Average margin (difference between points scored and points allowed per game, 20 percent)

3. Playoff performance (sliding scale from the Super Bowl winner to teams that did not qualify for the playoffs, 10 percent)

4. Average attendance at home games (15 percent)

5. Percent of available seats occupied at home games (15 percent)

6. Estimated value of franchise (20 percent)

The Dolphins' 23rd ranking put them among the 10 least successful teams. Though the divisional rival Buffalo Bills and erstwhile instate rival Tampa Bay Buccaneers each were considered less successful. The Detroit Lions were the least successful.

Even though the New Orleans Saints took up a Super Bowl championship here in town, that wasn't enough to get them the number one spot. Thanks to business reasons, the Dallas Cowboys reign at number one. The New England Patriots and

New York Jets came in at 4th and 5th respectively.

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