Dolphins Player: Tim Tebow Is Basically a Kardashian

Brian Hartline has no patience for the talentless yet super famous. The Dolphins wide receiver is scratching his head over "Tebowmania" and basically equated the whole thing to the Kardashian kraze.

"Everybody loves him, but the same people go with the Kardashians," Hartline told The Miami Herald. "I don't know what they did either. They're on every cover, everywhere."

Oops. Hope Reggie Bush wasn't around to hear the comment.

Hartline acknowledged that, yes, Tebow came to prominence because of his college career, and not, like the Kardashians, because of a sex tape and a brief friendship with Paris Hilton, but the WR doesn't understand why the hype hasn't died down.

"It's a case of, you've got a good PR guy," teammate Kevin Burnett added. "I need to call him up, find out who he is."

Well, obviously Tebow does have the best PR guy in the universe. His name is God. He's a little bit better than Kris Jenner.

Though, Burnett doesn't expect Tebow to be much of a factor in this weekend's game between the Jets and Fins.

"Tebow's going to come in for about five [plays]."


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