Dolphins Planning Gators Reunion PR Stunt on Hurricanes' Home Field

What the hell are the Miami Dolphins thinking? When the Denver Broncos come to town on October 23 with Tim Tebow in tow --assuming he isn't cut or traded by then -- they're planing a celebratory reunion of the 2009 Gators team.

Not only does this amount to basically a celebration for a member of the opposing team, but they're also holding it on the now-home field of the Miami Hurricanes, one of the Gator's biggest traditional rivals.

The Gators will be welcoming about 20 members of the '09 University of Florida team, including Tebow and their own Mike Pouncy. Coach Urban Meyer and the Gators band will be in tow, too. On some level this makes sense. Tebow is still a hero in the state of Florida to some, and considering he's playing in Denver now, his appearances on a Florida football field now a days are rare. (Of course, his appearances even on a Denver football field are pretty rare.)

On every other imaginable level this is beyond stupid.

First of all, Sun Life Stadium is also home to the Miami Hurricanes. 'Canes Nation has some other big problems at the moment, sure, but the celebration of a traditional rival on its home field has to sting.

Second off, the event may bring out plenty of Gators fans. That's great for ticket sales perhaps, but Gators fans are not automatically also Dolphins fans. In fact, if their allegiances are to, say, the Bucs or Jaguars, they'll have no problem rooting for their former savior and his Broncos and against the Dolphins.

On the flip side, Dolphins fans who are Canes or Seminoles fans on Saturdays, may well figure they should stay away from the game that day.

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