Dolphins Misspell Dwyane Wade's Name in Congratulatory Ad

The Miami Dolphins aren't jealous that the Miami Heat pretty much stole their title as the city's favorite sports team with the signing of Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and LeBron James. No, sir. In fact, they put a full-page ad in both the Miami Herald and the Sun-Sentinel this weekend congratulating the Heat. Unfortunately, they misspelled Dwyane as "Dwayne" in the Broward edition of the advertisement. Luckily, no one reads the Sun-Sentinel in print anymore. 

NBC Miami caught the typo. The ad read, "Thank you for staying Dwayne Wade and welcome to South Florida Chris Bosh & LeBron James." Unfortunately, it's actually spelled "Dwyane." Oddly, the version that ran in the Herald was spelled correctly. 

It's a common mistake though, apparently. Wade's name made Sports Illustrated's list of "Hardest Names to Spell in Sports." A couple of "news" websites have recently made the same mistake. Ironically, even USA Today made the error while covering the ad and not mentioning the typo.

It's understandable. The first post I ever wrote about Wade on Riptide included the error. For unrelated reasons, the post caught the ire of infamous Herald columnist Joan Fleischman, and she brought the mistake to my editor's attention. Lord knows I am not a perfect speller, but the fear of the wrath of Joan has hardwired the correct spelling of "Dwyane Wade" into my typing fingers. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.