Dolphins Might Sign Chad Ochocinco

Chad Ochocinco was born in Miami and played for Miami Beach Senior High. His career may be about to come full circle, as the Dolphins are seriously exploring the possibility of signing the most interesting man in the NFL. Based solely on potential blog post fodder, Riptide approves of this move.

Ochocinco hasn't made a secret of his desire to play for his hometown team throughout his career, but after spending the majority of his prime with the Cincinnati Bengals, he did the opposite of that by signing with the Pats last year. Though, that team cut him last week.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, Ocho is expected to work out for the Dolphins sometime in the next few days. If all go wells the team will likely sign the six time Pro Bowler. The Dolphins receiver corp is seriously depleted. While Ochocinco wasn't very productive with the Patriots, his two seasons before that with the Bengals were just fine.

Riptide is excited for this beyond pure football reasons, though. We're sort of obsessed with the guy. We've written about his fake pregnant pigeon,& giant ass truck, brief career as a soccer player, stint as a lion's litter box, and Lord only knows what else we're forgetting.

So, maybe we're not the the most objective source to evaluate this move with the possibility of potential page views clouding our judgment, but we are totally all for this. We wouldn't be surprised if the producers of Hard Knocks are, too.

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Kyle Munzenrieder