Dolphins' Loss to Jaguars Reminds Fans They're the Same Mediocre Fins

It's a new season, but it's now clear we're watching the same old Dolphins.

After an uninspiring win in the season opener against Washington, the Dolphins looked to put more of a definite stamp on this season that would show the team had changed its mediocre ways. But Miami did not do that. Instead, they lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars 23-20, leaving Dolphins fans with no reason to believe this season will be any different from the 20 before it.

Just when you wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and believe they have made the necessary changes to compete for a playoff spot, they lay down a stinker like the one yesterday. For the second straight Sunday, the Miami Dolphins played down to their competition, only this time, it bit them in the ass. 

To give you an idea of how bad this loss was, the win Sunday was the Jaguars' first September victory since 2012 — so yeah, it was that terrible. Jacksonville came into the game missing multiple starters, but they were still able to take the game to Miami early and kick a field goal late for the win.

The Dolphins not only lost the game but also their starting left tackle and running back for an unknown amount of time. Branden Albert left midway through the game with a pulled hamstring, and Lamar Miller left late in the fourth quarter with a sprained ankle. For a team already thin at both spots, they can't afford to lose either player heading into next week's game against the Buffalo Bills. 

Dolphins' fans optimism meter — once sky-high heading into this year — might be back where it's been over the past decade after this loss. None of the additions the team made in the offseason seems to be paying off, with only glimpses of what was promised shining through at times in the first two games.

This was supposed to be the easy stretch in the team's schedule, a portion the Fins were supposed to get fat on heading into the meat of their tougher games later in the year. Instead, they face a much-improved-looking Bills and a real chance of falling to 1-2. 

The loss had Dolphins fans slapping their chests and saying "My bad" for letting the team fool them again. Same old Dolphins, underachieving and then overachieving their way to a mediocre record in the end.

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