Dolphins Gave Jeff Ireland a Contract Extension... Before the Season Started

The rumors at the beginning of the season went that unless the Dolphins managed to turn things around this year General Manager Jeff Ireland would finally find himself with a pink slip. Of course, now that the team is off to a 3-0 start those #Fireland Twitter hashtags are getting a lot let use, and maybe no one would be totally outraged to find out that Ireland actually got a one-year contract extension.

Well he did, but it may have happened before the season even started.

Ireland's current contract had been set to end at the end of this season, but according to The Herald owner Stephen Ross quietly gave Ireland a one year extension during the off season and never bothered to tell the press or fans. So reports that Ireland would have found himself on the hot seat had the Dolphins started off something like 0-3 were off base.

Ireland had racked up four losing seasons as GM and was also notable for asking Dez Bryant if his mother was a whore and calling a fan an asshole.

Though, now that the Dolphins are only one of a handful of undefeated teams in the league and with the Ryan Tannehill gamble and Ireland's bold offseason moves apparently paying off, Ireland seems to be sitting pretty.

So Ireland's job is secure, but if the team does somehow managed to find away to screw up this promising start and finds itself with a spot in the playoffs the news of this secret contract extension could bring #Fireland fever to new spectacular levels of outrage. Lets hope for all of our sakes that doesn't happen.

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Kyle Munzenrieder