Dolphins Fall to Cowboys 24-20 in Hall of Fame Game

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Instead of getting an early look at Ireland's new Ferrari, Mike Wallace, or scrappy chipmunk-man Brian Hartline, the Dolphins showcased the impressive Devlin-to-Davis chemistry that has been burning up training camp! Or causing many Dolphins fans to yawn incessantly throughout this Sunday night snoozefest.

The Cowboys even did us the favor of sitting most of their starters -- literally about 70 percent of them -- and we STILL couldn't get ahead early with Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, Sean Lee, and DeMarcus Ware watching the game from the sideline.

We looked that crappy. BUT, SISTER, THOSE UNIFORMS WERE BLINGIN'!!!!

Let's hit some highlights:

-- This is the weekend Dolphins football 'savior' Bill Parcells was inducted into the Hall of Fame so if you're wondering who's fat FUPA you should want to punch, it would be this asshole right here.

-- Speaking of fat guys, the Dolphins offensive line was about as shitty as you remember it being the past five years or so because the Dolphins still need 13 more years and $500 million more dollars to shore up this kinda important part of your team that allows your prized Ferrari to have the time to get downfield while the guy that is supposed to deliver him the body still has his head attached. IT'S THE LITTLE THINGS, I KNOW.

But in all seriousness, the Dolphins QBs faced continuous pressure from all areas not blocked by Mike Pouncey for much of the game sooooo yea, so much about that 'is the Dolphins D-line that good or is the Dolphins O-line that bad?' question.

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Roger Paul