Dolphins Beat Eagles on Ridiculous Miracle Touchdown

The Miami Dolphins were well on their way to getting their asses handed to them Sunday against the Eagles when a funny thing happened on the way to getting Rousey'd by the Eagles — things actually started going the Fins' way. It was weird!

After digging themselves a 16-3 hole, the Dolphins rattled off 17 straight points, punctuated by a classic, textbook crazy-miracle-pass-off-an-Eagle's-face-into-the-endzone play run to perfection. When in doubt, draw up the ol' Failed Parachute Pass play few other teams can run with the efficiency the Dolphins can. 

On first and goal, Ryan Tannehill dropped back to pass and instantly was met with a rabid Eagles player in his face, so he did what every kid is taught from the time he first pulls on a jock-strap — he panicked and threw the ball directly into the defender's face. The ball ricocheted 20 yards toward the clouds, five yards sideways, and ten yards forward until it fell lovingly into the arms of the accepting Jarvis Landry.

Touchdown, Miami Dolphins! We never doubted it for a minute. OK, that's a lie. We totally thought this pass was destined for an Eagles player. It's not our fault. As Dolphins fans, we are programmed to expect the worst. 

The play would end up being the difference in Miami's 20-19 season-resuscitating victory. The Fins — 4-5 overall — find themselves theoretically still in the playoff hunt but still needing a few more miracles to go their way before anyone starts making travel plans. 

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