Dolphins Apparently Still Think They Have a Chance at the Playoffs

Most Dolphin fans are still in "Suck for Luck" mode, but with two straight wins under their belt, some members of the team apparently still have playoff hopes alive. Which isn't exactly impossible, just largely improbable. Then again, with a 2-7 record they are only 5 games behind the leaders in the AFC, and 4 games behind the Patriots in the AFC East. 

"I went to the Super Bowl at 9-7 so it can be done," Karlos Dansby a vet of the 2008 Arizona Cardinals, told Omar Kelly at the Sun-Sentinel.

"Guys are believing in it," Dansby continued. "We're coming in week in and week out trying to get better. We have an opportunity to right the end of this season."

Dansby, of course, is the guy who just proclaimed himself the best linebacker in football, so he's apparently a bit prone to optimistic hyperbole this week. 

Both Kelly and The Phinsider break down the chances, and they don't look so good. It would basically mean the Fins would have to win just about every remaining game on their schedule and hope for the collapse of some other teams. 

Winning the AFC East is pretty much out of the question, as the Patriots have an easy-as-pie schedule for the remainder of the season, so as long as Tom Brady remains healthy, the division is theirs for the taking yet again. The Jets and Bills have slowed down after strong starts, and with some injuries on the Bills roster, it's possible for the Dolphins to get the win at home this weekend. 

None of the rest of the team's non-AFC East competition (Cowboys, Eagles and Raiders) are untouchable, and two of those games are at home. Then the Dolphins would have to finish off the season with a three game sweep of their AFC East rivals with two of those games being on the road. That doesn't seem that probable, but hey, anything cane happen in rivalry games. 

Impossible? No. Better off praying for a miraculous recovery of Payton Manning? Probably. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder