Do You Know How to Chicken Wang? Apparently It's Miami's Hot New Dance

We just damaged several muscles and our dignity by trying to master "The Chicken Wang." It's the hot new dance in Miami, and it is just simply fantastic. The moves: simply pop a squat and start shaking either your legs or your rump. Plus it comes complete with a new classic-style Miami Bass track. Everything involved is glorious. Just watch.

So, apparently this video is the official promo video for "Chicken Wang" by DJ Big Boy and Calvin Mills. Yes, the Calvin Mills. Ok, that doesn't mean anything to you? Ok, the boy member of seminal brother-sister freestyle Miami rap group The Puppies. We are so glad that The Puppies live on. You may remember Mills explored similar lyrical depths in the track "Choke Dat Chicken," but this is really a fresh and exciting new take on chicken-based dance moves.

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