Do You Have Unclaimed Property? Oprah, Scott Storch, and Sylvester Stallone Might

State CFO Alex Sink has about $1 billion she would love to give you. Problem is you have to claim it. Most of that is money from dormant bank accounts and forgotten securities holdings, but quite a bit of it is in the form of actual stuff. Like jewelry and gold coins.

The Florida Bureau of Unclaimed Property is sick of holding on to some of it and will hold an auction October 23 and 24 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Fort Lauderdale (public welcome), so you might want to act fast to claim your lost heirlooms. Luckily there's a pretty user-friendly website, FLTreasureHunt.org, that lets you check if you're owed any unclaimed property.

Unfortunately, no one owes this blogger any money, but we decided to see if any famous faces have secret stashes of unclaimed goods.

Record producer Scott Storch, who could probably use the money, is apparently owed some cash by People's Gas in Pennsylvania. Hulk's ex, Linda Hogan, whose divorce lawyer knows she loves money, is owed a refund by a Miami company -- if she actually legally uses that name. Charlie Crist, or someone with his name who happens to do business in Tampa Bay and Tallahassee, is owed two checks by Comcast. Sylvester Stallone is apparently owed some back wages. And a certain Oprah Winfrey is owed a refund by someone on Fisher Island.

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